6 May 2015

Does your daughter want a girl superhero action figure? Prepare her for disappointment.

My youngest is 5 years old and really likes superheroes.  Her particular favourites are Supergirl and Batgirl.  So I figured they wouldn't be a bad addition to her heap of Disney Princess dolls.  So I'll just head on over to ToysRUs.ca and see what there is...

Batgirl has a pretty cool new look going on.  I'll start there:

Only one result and it turns up some pre-school level little people. Not so good. Maybe I need to put a space between "Bat" and "Girl".

Nope. Not much trouble with Batman however.  Action figures, Lego, video games, four pages of stuff.  I'm not sure how a Barbie scooter comes up, but there you go.

Supergirl!  She loves Supergirl! Or not.  No, I didn't mean surfergirl.  BTW clicking it turns up a jewellery making kit.  Hmm, ok. 

Super-Woman maybe?  Argh. Oh dear.

Well, it seems they're not to be had.  And before anyone comments "Yeah, but you're all tucked away down there in Canada! How are you supposed to get anything?".  Go try the the US Toys-R-Us site, it is not much better at all.

I guess there's always Wonder Woman.  Can't go wrong there right?

Oh come on!

It's amazing that we're still hammering on this and outfits like Marvel and DC still don't get it.  My daughter really wants to like things like Superheroes and Star Wars, she really does.  But you just make it so hard.

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