12 Nov 2014

Raspberry Pi A+ released. And it'll only cost you a $20.

That's right, yesterday Raspberry Pi unveiled the new Model A+ and it looks pretty cool, and ridiculously inexpensive.

A smaller, lighter B+.  While there is no RJ-45 Ethernet, 256MB RAM and only one USB port; it still manages to keep the 40 GPIO pins of the B+. It also manages to keep the display connector, camera connector and HDMI port.

All these omissions have an upside: first it has significantly lower power consumption which I think will give it a lot more portable potential.  Second, the price. 20 bucks? Crazy cheap. I'm buying one for me and one for the kids.

It'll never replace the B+ but it'll be great for a lot of applications where the B+ would be overkill.

Here's a good review:

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